I love to speak to children and adult groups about art, history, and nature. Using a lively approach with pictures, props, and fun activities, I aim to engage everyone’s hearts and hands, making learning fun and weaving in insights about our amazing God. I have spoken in school chapels, women’s groups, teacher conferences, homeschooling groups, and in classrooms.


Check out some of the following workshops and contact me if you’d be interested in my visiting your group either virtually or in person. I can also customize talks to your group’s particular needs, and my fees are very reasonable.


Speaker Kathy O'Neill children's art classes

Childrens Art

  • What’s Going on Here? Mysteries in Paintings
  • Art for Little Hearts and Hands – The Value of Art for Young Children
  • Drawing with Children
  • Portraits – Made in God’s Image
  • Draw That – How Illustrators Capture Their Subjects
  • Clay Pots – Handmade by God
  • Saving Summer in A Jar



Heart of York - historical classes by speaker Kathy O'Neill

Gothic Cathedrals – Heart of York

  • Gothic Cathedrals – The Heart of York
  • Castles and Strongholds
  • Columba and the Loch Ness Monster
  • Viking trilogy
    • Kidnapping the Golden Book
    • Viking Hordes and Swords
    • Last Viking Standing


  • Moving Day for Dusty
  • Reservations Please – Amazing Cliff Swallows
  • Finding Piper – A Tail of a Rescued Corgi
  • Brumby Hides – Where Could a Big Horse Go?


For Women’s Groups

  • For Spring
    •      Hats off to Renoir
    •      Gardening through the Eyes of Monet
  • For Fall—Painters of God’s Light
  • For Christmas—The Annunciation Seen Through the Eyes of Artists
  • For Anytime—Drawing for the Terrified Adult


For Writers

Hats Off to Renoir

  • Wake Up the “Write” Side of Your Brain and Let Your Creativity Shine

Mrs. O’Neill taught church history at my church. Her lessons were… engaging and illustrated with works of art. I left inspired… and amazed at the sovereignty of God and His protection and preservation of His church throughout the ages…. Mrs. O’Neill’s knowledge of art history makes her an outstanding teacher and guide to the story of God’s ways with His people throughout the centuries…. Ann, Arlington, TX

It is my pleasure to recommend Kathy O’Neill.… we had the great blessing to have several of our children learn from her. She teaches art in a way that makes it fun for the student while they are learning solid and accurate history as well as making beautiful art and learning new things! Beth, Edmond, OK

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