Workshops & Speaking Engagements

The following presentations/workshops can be taught as-is or tweaked to fit your special needs.

History Is His Story

How about the story of the theft of the Golden Book and its ransom to kick off a study of the Vikings? Or an activity about Albrecht Durer and how the printing press helped spread the Reformation? I combine multiple activities to introduce and/or teach Christian history.


Art Inspires Us


Children (K-3, even more fun when parents join in!): With the Monart method, everyone learns line families to help them look and draw more accurately. The art will amaze you!

Upper elementary- High school:  Time-honored methods used by all artists help students discover how to look and draw more accurately.

Adults: Have you ever said, “All I can draw is stick figures”? In these drawing classes, you’ll learn to draw like you never imagined! Book a class for a special night out for your group!

Art and crafts (K-6). Make a holiday or subject special with an activity based on great art. From Impressionist flower bouquets to Thanksgiving praying hands, these activities make eyes light up and keep busy minds and hands involved in learning.

Art History (middle school–adult)
Never feel lost in an art museum again! Let me, the Picture Lady, teach your group to look at artworks with an artist’s eye. We can look at masterpieces, or use artworks to learn about transportation, clothing, architecture, etc. in certain periods.

Writing Opens Hearts (2nd -8th grades)
With hands-on activities and examples from mentor texts, students learn to brainstorm ideas, create characters, write first drafts, build suspense, and revise.

Mentoring Teachers
After 30+ years of teaching, I enjoy helping others learn the skills of good teaching. Whether you teach in a traditional classroom, homeschool, teach Sunday school or adults, I come alongside you or your group to encourage and help you learn to plan and implement effective lessons, teach creatively, and learn the secrets of good classroom management.

Mrs. O’Neill taught church history at my church. Her lessons were… engaging and illustrated with works of art. I left inspired… and amazed at the sovereignty of God and His protection and preservation of His church throughout the ages…. Mrs. O’Neill’s knowledge of art history makes her an outstanding teacher and guide to the story of God’s ways with His people throughout the centuries…. Ann, Arlington, TX

It is my pleasure to recommend Kathy O’Neill.… we had the great blessing to have several of our children learn from her. She teaches art in a way that makes it fun for the student while they are learning solid and accurate history as well as making beautiful art and learning new things! Beth, Edmond, OK

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