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Beach Path in MaineI grew up in Maine and love walking down the winding paths to my favorite beaches, inhaling the scents of beach roses and salt grass lining the way. Gritty sand under foot and soaring gulls overhead say I’m home. When fall comes, I love clambering out on the rocks to see storm waves crash and spray streaming away on the wind.


Winslow Homer, who lived in my hometown and painted the rocks and stormy seas, is one of my favorite artists. I grew up hearing stories of his friendship with my great grandfather and walking the cliff path to see places Homer painted.

writer and speaker, Kathy O'Neill with horse

My green bicycle took me not only to the beach, but to the library and my grandparents’ farm. I spent summer afternoons on their shady porch, dreaming over books, such as Johnny Tremain, Charlotte’s Web, and Misty of Chincoteague. I’ve always been horse-crazy, learning to ride at a young age. I had other

pets, too, including a chubby beagle who liked to roam, a fluffy Maine coon cat (the largest cat breed), and a tame blue jay.

With a degree in education and concentrations in psychology and art, I planned to become a school counselor. I also worked in the art department of an educational publisher, but once I began teaching, I discovered helping children learn was what I loved. I have 30+ years of teaching experience from kindergarten to high school.

Kathy O'Neill as a child with beagle

At one Christian school I developed and taught an art curriculum for K-12th grades, connecting studio art and art appreciation with language arts, social studies, and science. I’ve also taught Christian history in high school and women’s groups.

My husband and I have lived all over the United States and traveled in Europe, visiting places and museums, enriching my knowledge of art and history. We now live in Colorado with a rescued corgi named Molly. We enjoy hiking and spending time with our family, which includes six grandchildren!

I enjoy contributing regularly to the The Quiet Hour, and have had articles in Light from the Word, Mature Living, Refresh, Highlights, and Appleseeds. I’m currently working on several devotional books for children and teachers. My newsletter gives updates.


My teaching certification is with the state of Missouri and has also been with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). I am an active member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators), ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), and Write2Ignite.

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